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Protect Yourself from Fraud

Generate detailed records of the transactions your process. Know exactly when and where a purchase was made to help prevent fraudulent chargebacks and other illicit activities that may put your business at risk.

Accept Apple Pay Payments

With our fleet of NFC and RFID-equipped terminals, your business can accept the latest and most technologically advanced forms of payment, including the recently-introduced Apple Pay from Apple, Inc.

Store Customer Information, Securely

With tokenized transactions, payment information is stored and encrypted and a unique key is randomly generated and sent instead. Credit card information is never sent through unsecured networks, so it won't fall into the wrong hands and your risk of liability is reduced.


Create and edit invoice and data fields, add purchase order numbers, stamp your logo, or pretty much anything else. This is your payment platform, your way.

Seamless Setup

CornerPay.NET is fast and easy to setup. And if you're already processing with another online payment gateway, our plug-and-play gateway emulator makes the transition easier than ever.

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