Technical Information

Integration and APIs

We provide developers with multiple payment integration methods. We've designed payment integration tools that are easy to understand and implement. From beginners to advanced developers, we offer you a variety of solutions for all levels of expertise.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

CornerPay.NET has carefully and methodically drafted Application Programming Interface (API) documentation, which reflects our development philosophy structured, concise and easy to understand. Our API's give developers the flexibility and features that advanced programmers require when designing sophisticated applications.

Our friendly and knowledgeable integration specialists are equipped with all the tools to quickly identify, address and resolve issues during the integration process. As always, customer service is our number one priority.

Should you need any integration assistance, you may contact us by using the following methods: By phone at (888) 399-3111 or via our Contact Form.

Shopping Cart Integration

CornerClick Shopping Cart

CornerClick is CornerPay.NET's FREE proprietary shopping cart solution developed for merchants who are looking for an affordable method of linking their web site to the payment gateway. CornerClick is a secure and reliable solution that is very simple to use.

Third-Party Shopping Carts

As a result of collaboration with popular shopping cart providers, CornerPay.NET offers turn key software that includes support for the CornerPay.NET payment gateway. Merchants of any size, with no programming knowledge, can quickly integrate this solution with minimal ongoing support. Our network of third-party shopping cart providers is constantly growing to accommodate demand. Below is a list of the most common shopping carts we work with. The list is not inclusive, so please contact support for further inquiries.

3DCart Infusionsoft Magento Microsoft Dynamics
Shopify Woo Commerce WordPress eStore

If you would like us to consider integrating a shopping cart that we don't currently support, contact [email protected]. We're always excited to expand relationships and look forward to your input.

Gateway Emulator

Our Gateway Emulator™ makes it easy for merchants to switch from other gateway providers without having to rework or reprogram their application. The Emulator automatically understands other gateway formats, interprets their incoming transmissions and responds with their native message. By utilizing the Emulator developers save considerable time and expense.

Mobile APIs

The Mobile API contains many code examples and explanations to make integrations seamless and straightforward. Our Mobile API is available for both Apple iOS™ and Android™ devices. Our friendly and knowledgeable integration specialists are equipped with the tools to quickly identify, address, and help resolve issues you may encounter during the integration process. Customer service is always a number one priority.

Our Mobile API contains two components

  • An End-To-End Encryption Library which will allow credit card data to be encrypted on a mobile device and unencrypted only by the Payment Gateway.
  • A Swipe Device Library which will provide a simple, easy to integrate, event-driven interface for apps incorporating swipe reader functionality.

Data Security

Data Centers – We invest enormous resources in infrastructure that gives businesses peace of mind when processing transactions. Since our data centers are located in different power grids, if one part of the country goes down, we still have the ability to process transactions.

Fully Redundant Application – We utilize technologies that maximize uptime and minimize outages. With an N + 1 application and network design, we ensure there will never be a single point of failure.